MIPOS Series
- Piezo Focus Positioners

The piezo focus lens positioner series MIPOS is made for high precision and accurate micro lens movement.

Bring Your Microscope to the Next Level

MIPOS objective/lens positioners allow a microscope or other optical device to precisely focus and scan with sub-nanometer resolution. The positioners are simple to attach to standard microscopes and provide a quick easy way to upgrade a microscopy system.

The z-axis actuating system for a precise piezo objective positioning is made for applications such as single photon microscopy, laser scanning microscopy, confocal microscopy – in general, for all kinds of very precise resolution microscope scanning. The piezo lens positioner is able to move the micro objective lens with unique position repeatability in the sub-nanometer range. The piezo-system reacts immediately if the control signal is changed. This offers high speed and high dynamic performance for slide scanning.

MIPOS 100 Animation

Adding a MIPOS piezo positioner is an easy way to upgrade your optical system. Threading adapters are available which allows these objective positioners to be used with all standard microscopes – standard or inverted applications. All standard threads are available for Zeiss, Leica, Nikon, Olympus etc. systems.

Technical Principal:

A piezo-electric actuator is mounted in a unique lever transmission design of flexure hinges. The small motion of the actuator, caused by an analog control signal, is transferred to a special point. The sophisticated monolithic guidance design of the solid flexure hinges means the trajectory is free of mechanical play and friction – a feature of all piezosystem jena stages.

Due to this technology, the motion is parallel to the optical beam. The resolution is very high and in practice only limited by the voltage noise of the power supply. This is why we can guarantee high accuracy only when also using piezosystem jena electronics.

All MIPOS systems can be equipped with an integrated positioning feedback sensor to check and control the exact accuracy of these fine focus scanner systems.

MIPOS® Series Characteristics:

  • Piezo focus fine scanner adjustment
  • Compact design
  • Parallelogram design with high resonant frequency
  • Parallel motion inside the optical beam
  • Easy to attach on microscopes
  • Flexible use on different microscopes and in other optical systems
  • Cost effective solution for fine adjustment on the microscope
  • Available as “upside-down” versions for inverse microscopes


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