How fiber switches improve spectroscopy efficiency

A variety of piezo-electric systems can aid in spectroscopy – the observation and study of how light (electromagnetic radiation) is absorbed by different materials. Many scientific fields rely on this technology including astronomy, chemistry, biomedicine, and quantum mechanics.  One popular technique, Raman spectroscopy, is used to determine vibrational modes of molecules.

The connection of a piezosystem jena multimode fiber switch with a spectrometer allows for spectrometric measurements with several probes at different spots. Based on a piezo-mechanical switching principle free of optical components – very short ms-switching times and low insertion losses of 1 dB can be achieved.

Features of piezosystem jena Fiber Switches:

  • 1×2 up to 1×9 channels
  • ms switching times
  • minimized insertion loss
  • wavelength-independent
  • no optical aberrations
  • long lifetime >109 cycles
  • fiber-∅: 50 μm – 600 μm
  • connectors: SMA, ST, FC, E2000

piezosystem jena Fiber Switch

Other example fiber switch spectroscopy applications include NIR process analytics, brain imaging NIR, and quality analysis in the food industry.

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