UV-NIR Spectroscopy

The connection of a multimode fiber switch by piezosystem jena with a spectrometer allows for spectrometric measurements with several probes at different spots. Based on a piezomechanical switching principle free of optical components, shortest ms-switching times and low insertion losses of 1 dB are achieved.



Features of the fiber switches:

  • - 1x2 up to 1x9 channels
  • - ms switching times

  • - minimized insertion loss
  • - wavelength-independent

  • - no optical abberations

  • - long lifetime >109 cycles

  • - fiber-∅: 50 μm - 600 μm

  • - connectors: SMA, ST, FC, E2000


 - NIR process analytics

- brain imaging NIR spectroscopy

- quality analysis in food industry

PAHL 120 from piezosystem jena guaranteed high resolution in Four Bounce Crystal Monochromator

The I20 XAS beamline at Diamond Light Source has had very challenging requirements. Among these, the parallelism of the first and second crystal had to be solved in steps greater than 90 nrad, resulting in resolution of better than 1 nm for 120 µm travel range.

Extreme high stiffness was also required due to the high mass of the crystals and their high thermal load.

The PAHL 120 was chosen because of their high stiffness, long travel range and high resolution without friction. They were modified for vacuum application of 10-8 mbar and to be used at a cryogenic temperature of 77 K.

Additionally the customer asked for a sophisticated control with remotely configured PID loops, filtering and other parameters. piezosystem jena`s controller d-Drive offers these specifications. 

Long term stability is achieved by using closed loop control by d-Drive and capacitive sensors.

Shematic of the spectroscopy system

shematic image by Diamond Light Source

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