High power piezo shock actuator construction diagram

Shock Testing Systems

Testing with shock actuators

Shock production and impact replication are a crucial form of testing for a wide variety of industries from material testing for aerospace to sensor characterization in smartphones. In order to generate useful and accurate data, the impulse generation needs to be highly controllable and repeatable. In order to achieve this, piezosystem jena offers finely tunable and highly repeatable high powered piezoelectric actuators designed to deliver accelerations and impulses up to 180,000 m/s2. The accelerations achieve are extremely repeatable, as can be seen in Figure 1 below of 10 consecutive pulse overlapped.

Figure 1: Velocity profile over 10 consecutive pulses

This is what sets the hpower high powered piezoelectric shock actuators apart from other acceleration and impulse generation systems. Utilizing a unique stack design and 200 amp amplifier, hpower piezo electric shock actuators achieve double the power density of traditional ceramics while maintaining the same precise controllability that have made piezoelectric actuators a primary technology for precision positioning. The shock impulse is delivered via a customizable input signal based on the highly linear acceleration relationship with voltage as can be seen in Figure 2. This can be also repeat also at a rate of up to 100 times per second, drastically cutting down on testing times.

Figure 2: Acceleration vs Voltage

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