100mA One-Channel Amplifiers

Multiple options for single channel needs

Analog and Digital 1-Channel Amplifiers

Piezo amplifiers/controllers are designed for high precision positioning of low-voltage piezo actuators. These amplifiers are tuned for extremely high output stability and extremely low signal noise at the output. A low amplifier signal-to-noise ratio is very important because it determines the total resolution of the actuator. The nearly unlimited resolution of piezo-electric actuators using these amplifiers results in ultra-precise movement.

Depending on the configuration, controllers can be equipped with a sensor servo module for controlling actuators with an integrated positioning feedback sensor.

All systems can be operated manually or via a digital interface, with the exception of a few OEM controllers. All amplifiers can be controlled by an analog signal if desired.

NV120/1 Analog 1-Channel Controller Pictured


1-channel piezo controllers are often used for applications in laboratories, industrial situations, and for research and development tasks.

Options & Functionality:

  • Analog and digital amplifiers available
  • Feedback sensor functionality for closed loop systems
  • Amplifier varieties available with OEM casing, data recorders, ASC (Automatic Sensor Calibration), dimmable display, table-top design, and a USB interface.


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Piezo 1-Channel Controller Amplifier NV100 D

NV100/D Net

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Piezo Controller

NV 200/D Net Compact Amplifier

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