One Axis -
Tilting Stages For Mirrors

Ideally Suited for Precise nm Beam Steering

Compact Single Axis Solutions

One-axis tilting piezo stages offer highly repeatable tilting motion with large displacement of up to 35 mrad (2 degrees). These stages are ideal for steering mirrors, with different versions available for different size mirrors.

PSH tilting stages consists of several systems for high speed scanning and mirror shifting. The fast movement of mirrors and other optical components make the PSH series well suited for many applications such as high speed scanning, eye tracking, and laser beam steering.

The key features of the mirror tilting systems include a high resonant frequency in the kHz range and nearly unlimited resolution in the sub-nm range.

The principle of preloaded direct-drive actuators allows the piezo stages of the PSH series to be used for the precise positioning of heavy components as well.  Long term stability without drift and hysteresis are guaranteed by the use of the optional integrated position feedback sensors.

PSH 4/1 Pictured


The single axis PSH 4/1 is the smallest piezo scanner available. At just 20 grams and 20 mm high.

The PSH 35/1 has a tilting angle of up to 35 mrad. The system weighs 50 grams, and is 60 x 25 x 14 mm.

Stages Characteristics:

  • Very compact size
  • Sub-µrad resolution
  • Easy mirror mounting
  • High resonant frequency

PSH 35/1

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Very Small Piezo 1 Axis Tilting Stage

PSH 4/1

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