PSH 35/1

  • 35 mrad (2˚) tilting range
  • High dynamics due to high resonant frequency
  • Sub-µrad resolution
  • Compact design
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PSH 35/1 – Description

The piezo mirror positioner PSH 35 was developed for the dynamic motion of small mirrors. The construction design makes it possible to reach a tilting angle of 35 mrad. The element is driven with a maximum voltage of 130 V. It can easily be integrated into more complex stages because of its compact size.

The PSH 35 mirror positioning element can be driven by any of the power supplies from piezosystem jena. We recommend a maximum operating voltage of 100 V for permanent work under OEM conditions.

The element is normally delivered without a mirror. A mirror can be attached by gluing.

Technical Data

Part #K-232-00K-232-01
Motion Open (±10%)*/Closed-Loopmrad ( ˚ )35 (2˚)35/26 (2˚/1.5˚)
Resolution (Open-Loop)**µrad0.070.7
Dimensionsmm60 x 25 x 1460 x 25 x 20
*Typical value measured with NV 40/3 amplifier (closed-loop: NV 40/3 CLE amplifier). **The resolution is only limited by the noise of the power amplifier and metrology.

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