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Quality Control and Standards

As an OEM supplier, quality control is of paramount importance. Components need to work perfectly in conjunction with other equipment components for the overall machine to perform. Design, fit and operation need to work as planned. Piezo actuators, stages and amplifiers are designed right and can be customized as needed.

At piezosystem jena we adhere to extremely tight tolerances and work standards. Special calibration of all system components ensure the best performance. At piezosystem jena, products are built using a one person, one device principle. This means that each system is built and inspected by a dedicated operator who is accountable for the quality of the product. Systems are constructed in a clean space under a flow box, and then calibrated using high resolution double and triple beam interferometers in vibrationally isolated labs. They then undergo strict endurance testing to ensure reliability before it leaves the door.

Documentation of materials, parts, manufacturing process and component testing are all tightly controlled and followed. Institutionalized feedback ensures consistent high quality.

piezosystem jena works with customers to customize test procedures to fit customer specific requirements as necessary. There is a strict review process with suppliers to ensure component quality.

As a trusted supplier, piezosystem jena has been delivering OEM components to clients for 25+ years

Standards and Qualifications

As an OEM supplier, standards and qualifications guide and prove our commitment to quality. At piezosystem jena we follow industry standards and qualifications, and specifications given to us by clients. Modeled on the semiconductor industry, our own rigorous standards are anchored on 25+ years of learning, and our own high expectations.

piezosystem jena is RoHS compliant, is ISO 9001 certified, and follows REACH.

To request a specific product CE Declaration of Conformity, please contact our technical support:

Intensive upfront study of component requirements and manufacturing feasibility guide our process modeling and milestones

About 80 percent of production at piezosystem jena is supplying industry customers with positioning solutions on a large scale. Almost all these solutions are highly customized or even developed and built from scratch. piezosystem jena works side-by-side with customers to develop and support precision solutions.

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