Grippy Series -
Piezo Driven Fiber Grippers

Designed for Micro-positioning and Handling Applications

Improve your Fiber Handling

Piezo fiber grippers will precisely grip and hold optical fibers and other small components in assembly and testing machines. The grippers can be adjusted for desired gripping pressure and are often used in OEM manufacturing and research applications.

The accurate and high speed motion of a piezo-ceramic is transformed by the levered transmission (flexure hinges) of a solid state hinge joined to a 300 µm opening of the gripper gap.

Because of the compact dimensions, the piezo-electric gripper is ideally suited for OEM applications. The mechanical design offers freedom to modify stage dimensions and fixing points to meet usually stringent OEM requirements. These grippers can be easily adapted and exchanged quickly.

Fiber Gripper
Grippy Fiber Gripper Pictured


Because of the flexible structure of the piezo based driven system, applications in the fields of instruments for physics, micro-optics, biological samples and robotic systems are common. Other types of actions such as precise handling, micro-positioning and manipulation of small parts in research labs or industry are potential uses.

Grippy Series Characteristics:

  • Up to 300 µm gap motion
  • Variable gap shape design
  • Adjustable grip force
  • High speed

Fiber Gripper

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Piezo Fiber Gripper for Semiconductor OEM


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