Five Axis -
The PENTOR Stage

Ideally Suited for Precise nm Positioning in Five Dimensions

Three-Axis + Tip-Tilt Precise Positioning

Optical stages often require an open aperture for passing light through. The PENTOR translation and tilting piezo stage was developed with a 17 mm free center hole for such applications. It offers motion in X, Y and Z directions of 100 µm, and a tilt of ±2 mrad on two orthogonal axes.

Flexure hinges for the three translation axes guarantee the highest degree of parallelism over the travel range of this stage. Each axis has a integrated mechanical preload, making the 5-axis piezo positioner PENTOR, very well suited for dynamic applications. The tilting is designed for plus-minus tilting.

The construction is temperature compensated so that changes in the surrounding temperature do not affect the tilting angle.

The primary components constructed with solid state flexure hinges are made from stainless steel. The bottom and top plates are made from black anodized aluminum.

As an option, the 5-axis PENTOR piezo stage can be outfitted with an integrated strain gauge measurement system.

PENTOR SG Part Drawing


The PENTOR operating voltage range is -20 … + 130, within an operating temperature of -20 … +80 ˚C (-4 …+176 ˚F).

For X, Y and Z the open loop resolution is 0.2 nm, and the closed loop resolution is 2 nm. The tilting stage open loop resolution is 0.008 µrad, and the closed loop resolution is 0.08 µrad.

The PENTOR is 69 L x 68 W x 40 H in mm, and weighs 450 grams (490 grams for SG).

Stages Characteristics:

  • Combination of a three-axis translation system and a two-axis tilting system
  • Free center aperture with a 17 mm diameter
  • Integrated preload
  • Translation each axis: Up to 100 µm
  • Tilt of ±2 mrad in each direction
  • Solid state flexure hinges in parallelogram design without mechanical play
  • Optional strain gauge measurement system
  • Vacuum and low temperature versions available


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