50 mA to 300 mA dDrive Digital System

Modular to fit your specific needs

Interface, Amplifiers & Case = Custom Solution

The d-Drive® modular piezo controller system from piezosystem jena combines the highest positioning accuracy with a personalized design. A complete system contains an EDS interface (with display and controls), paired with a variety of EVD digital amplifiers, all contained in a 19-inch rack-case.

All system features can be controlled by a PC through the interface. The actuators now include ASI (Automatic Sensor Identification) for quick, easy exchange of actuators.

EVD power modules range from 110 V to 230 V. The EDS amplifier modules with both open and closed loop actuators.  Up to 6 actuators per controller can be controlled simultaneously. Adjustable system features include slew rate, notch-filter frequencies, and pass-filter frequencies. A built-in function generator offers sine, triangular and square wave functions, as well as noise and sweep functions.

d-Drive EVD 50 Pictured


The modular design makes a d-Drive system an excellent choice for nano-positioning and scanning applications including scanning microscopy, metrology, surface profiling, cell tracking, nano-technology, and many other similar applications.


  • Digital controller system
  • 20-bit resolution
  • ASI (Automatic Sensor Identification)
  • 19-inch rack-casing
  • Automatic system calibration
  • Modular for up to 6 channels
  • USB & RS 232 interfaces
  • LabView® user software
  • Dimmable display


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EVD 300

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EVD 50

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