Piezo Systems for Actuating

Many applications in microscopy, automation and mechatronics use piezo mechanical motion and nanopositioning solutions. The inverse piezoelectric effect is the main principle of the piezo actuation.

piezosystem jena is offering innovative and highly precise nanopositioning devices to customers all over the world. Our piezo actuators and piezo drives, nanopositioning solutions, piezo controller and motion control systems are used in micro- and nano positioning applications whenever highest precision and high dynamics are needed. In addition to a broad range of catalogue products, also customer specific developments are offered to provide optimized systems for certain applications.

Piezoelectric Elements - Key Features:

  • Sub-nanometer precision in positioning
  • Extreme reliability due to their material properties and design
  • The piezo actuators develop forces of up to several thousand Newtons
  • Precise positioning in the range of microseconds
  • Piezo actuators can realize very high dynamics

Founded in 1991, piezosystem jena is one of the leading manufacturers of piezomechanic nanopositioning systems and corresponding electronics like Piezo driver and amplifier. Piezo Nanopositioning devices of piezosystem jena are capable of reaching subnanometer resolution.

The portfolio of piezo nanopositioners covers a wide range of different products:

  • from basic piezo stacks to piezomechanic systems with magnification (via solid state hinges)
  • from single axis systems to systems with up to five axes
  • from standard products to complex and customized OEM solutions


To develop high precision nanopositioning stages, our engineers use a variety of state-of-the-art tools for 3D modeling and FEM simulation of e.g. the desired motion and dynamics, while optimizing the linearity of the system, the orthogonality of the movement or the parallelism of the connecting surfaces. Two major issues addressed throughout the whole development process are stability and reliability of both the nanopositioning stage and the related controller.

Innovative Piezo solutions

piezosystem jena offers innovative solutions for different applications in industry and research. Here you can find an overview of some examples.

Since more than 20 years we serve OEM customers in the fields of automation technology, automotive industry, biotechnology, electronics, metrology, laser technology, material testing, machining, medical applications, micro imaging, microscopy, micro manipulation and semiconductor industry. Many of our long term customers appreciate and trust in the reliability of our piezo controllers and actuators.

The piezo controller for nanopositioning stages are developed at piezosystems jena to best suit the customer application. The operation scenario – either fast scanning or quasi static – is the base to decide on the right choice. Here you can find an overview on the available piezo controllers.

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