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Piezosystem Jena is a worldwide supplier of professional high precision positioning equipment. Our piezoelectric ceramic based actuating systems are mainly used for micro and nanopositioning for highest accuracy of the movement. Reliability and excellent performance are key factors for using piezoelectric positioning equipment. They develop forces up to multiple thousands of Newtons and are able to position in microseconds.

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Nanopositioner, Piezo Actuators, Optical Fiber Switches

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This is the actuator everyone’s talking about after Photonics West!

What do you usually tell your colleagues after a Photonics West conference? Good show? A lot of...

Special OEM Piezo Solutions at Photonics West 2016!

Piezosystem jena has prepared something special for this year’s Photonics West conference.  We...

9 December 2015
7. Joint BESSY User Meeting 2015
Location: Berlin-Adlershof, Lise-Meitner-Campus
Date: 9.12.2015 - 10.12.2015

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