Shaker System

Piezo actuator solutions for testing components, products and materials

Speed and power are a combination that is often hard to achieve simultaneously. To do this, traditional solutions combine different technologies, such as hydraulics and mechanical drives, which takes up space, power, and comes at great expense. These systems can reach sizes up to a small car and waste over 90% of the large energy they consume as heat. This requires a secondary cooling system that increases costs further, takes time to build, and takes up more space. Lastly, these systems can operate so loudly that they need to be sequestered into their own room, or require ear protection.

To solve this, piezosystem jena developed the hpower shaker series: energy dense, high-powered 1000V piezoelectric actuators integrated into tightly preloaded casings capable of delivering speeds up to 100kHz with 10kN of force, all under 100mm in length.

The advantage of a piezo-based shaker-system.

These systems are over 80% efficient, and their output is only limited by the provided power, contrary to electro-magnetic shakers which develop accelerations based on displacements. This means that while EM shaker’s force outputs plateau at low frequencies, hpower shaker systems are fully controllable via their input signal and thus have a wider range of motion profiles they can provide. Furthermore, hpower actuators achieve higher speeds and forces while being a fraction of the size and cost. This allows them to expand capabilities in areas such as material testing, HALT (Highly Accelerated Lifecyle Testing), failure analysis, and component survivability and lifecycle testing.

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