40 mA to 800 mA EN Series Analog System

Modular to fit your specific needs

Power Supply, Controllers & Case = Custom Solution

An EN modular multi-channel solution is composed of an ENT power supply, one or more ENV controllers/amplifiers and a case. Depending on the specific application, multiple control modules can be used. This allows for the most cost effective solution for the highest precision piezo control system.

The EN components fit neatly inside casing which can be a table-top case, or a 19-inch rack mountable case.

ENT/ENV System Pictured

System Parts:

Each EN piezo amplifier system consists of at least three components:

  1. Casing – Size and type per customer requirements.
  2. ENT Power Supply Supplies the main voltage for the piezo controller module.
  3. ENV Piezo Controller: Varies based on power requirements.

System Specifics:

  • Modular multi-channel amplifier solution
  • Plug-in, changeable, modules
  • Flexible system configuration
  • Fast, high power analog piezo amplifiers
  • Manual controls
  • Independent number of I/Os
  • Table-top casing or 19-inch rack mounted system
  • Case volume 28 to 84 HP (1 HP = 5.08 mm)
  • Bare handles or L-bracket mountable

ENT 40, 150, 400

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ENV 40, 300, 800

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