hpower -
Shock and Shake Solutions

High-power piezo-electric actuators

For Impact and Vibration Testing

hpower shock and shake actuators paired with an hpower amplifier are high-power systems often used for material, vibration and acceleration testing. Compared to common alternatives with similar strength, hpower systems are usually faster, smaller and more exact.

To shock, the starting and contact phases of an impact scenario are difficult to be exactly reproduced. Common setups of precision impact measurement do not allow high repetition rates. hpower shock generators follow a different approach using an adaptive impact generation principle, where impact parameters and timing are controlled by electrical driving conditions.

To shake, traditional solutions combine different technologies, such as hydraulics and mechanical drives. An hpower shaker is an energy dense, high powered system. These systems are preloaded and encased to allow for top performance in highly dynamic applications. They have the capability to generate high force modulations and can move high masses.

hpower Shock Pictured


These systems are often used in applications such as HALT (Highly Accelerated Lifecycle Testing) for small electrical components such as MEMS.

Solutions can be mobile, and offer high frequency, and high repeatability with no life time limit.

System Characteristics:

  • A hpower shock system offers a maximum peak acceleration up to 18,000 g, and a mechanical rise time of 50 µs. Shocks can be generated with high repetition rates and high reproducibility (1kHz within a burst).
  • A hpower shaker system can deliver speeds up to 100 kHz, while maintaining force capabilities up to 10 kN, all under 100 mm in length.

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