Products for Microscopy and Scanning Applications

The alignment of microscopes and sample holders demands precise and rapid movements. Based on the inverse piezoelectric effect, products by piezosystem jena offer unique technical characteristics compared to other solutions on the market. They are characterized by almost unlimited refinement of motion while avoiding mechanical play. Thus, they are completely resistant to internal friction. The piezo focus positioner series MIPOS®  allows for precise positioning of objectives with sub-nm resolution.  The movement of the MIPOS is characterized by its precisely parallel movement within the optical axis. The 3-axis positioning systems TRITOR® 101 and TRITOR® 102 allow for a movement in xzy free of play with up to 100 μm travel range. The systems can be mounted to microscopy stages as well as objectives.

Piezo positioning stages’ high stiffness results in very short response and settling times. In combination with the flexure hinges design, piezoelectric actuators can generate high accuracy and high speed, perfect for sample adjustment, beam alignment and beam tracking.


  • STED Microscopy
  • Fluorescence Microscopy
  • STORM imaging
  • Confocal Microscopy
  • AFM Microscopy
  • White Light Interferometry

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