hpower High Power Amplifiers

Special high power amplifiers for hpower stack, ring, shake and shock actuators

For hpower high-power actuators, high-power amplifiers are required. Together these hpower actuators and amplifier systems deliver exceptionally fast response times, superior dynamics, high force generation, and nanometer precision.

For standard hpower stack and ring actuators, there are four amplifier options – the RCV 1000/3, the RCV 1000/7, the PosiCon 1000/3, and the LE 1000/035. They each offer a unique maximum output current, and other features. The PosiCon is a 3-channel amplifier, that also includes integrated position control.

For hpower Shake actuators, the LE 150/100 EBW amplifier offers extremely high bandwidth. Together this system is ideal for high-frequency vibration testing and analysis.

For hpower Shock actuators, the HVP 1000/200 amplifier offers fast charging for pulse operation. The rise and discharge time for this amplifier can be modified based on customer requirements.

hpower Shake Amplifier – LE 150/100 EBW

hpower Shake Amplifier

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hpower Shock Amplifier

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hpower Standard Amplifiers

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