Three Axis -
Tilting Stages For Mirrors

Ideally Suited for Precise nm Beam Steering

Three Axis Tip-Tilt Solutions

Three axis tilting piezo stages offer all the fast steering mirror capabilities of two axis tip-tilt stages, but with the additional benefit of Z-axis control. This is beneficial in applications where thermal expansion of a system needs to be adjusted for as well as this allows for phase shift corrections. These stages offer highly precise and repeatable motions.

The PSH stages consist of several systems for high speed scanning and mirror shifting. The fast movement of mirrors and other optical components make the PSH series well suited for many applications such as high speed scanning, eye tracking and laser beam steering.

The key features of the mirror tilting systems include a high resonant frequency in the kHz range and nearly unlimited resolution in the sub-nm range.

The principle of preloaded direct-drive actuators allows the systems of the PSH series to be used for the precise positioning of heavy components as well.  Long term stability without drift and hysteresis are guaranteed by the use of the optional integrated position feedback sensors.

PSH 4z Optional Mounting Clamp Pictured


Four variants are available: PSH 1z, PSH 2z, PSH 3z and the PSH 4z. This series of three-axis mirror tilting piezo stages consists of two active piezo electric actuators. These actuators provide tilt to the top plate on up to 3 axes. By using all actuators together the top plate exhibits a piston movement up to 8 µm. Two of the axes are perpendicular to each other.

A closed-loop version with integrated positioning control is available for high positioning linearity and repeatability on all four variants. Non-magnetic material and other customer size requirements are available upon request. These PSH piezo stages are designed for mirrors and optical components up to 50 mm in diameter.

Stages Characteristics:

  • Fast triple-actuator tip-tilt platforms on three-axes
  • Supports mirrors and other components
  • Tilting angle of 1 to 4 mrad
  • 2700 to 5800 Hz resonant frequency
  • Sub-µrad resolution
  • Feedback sensors available

PSH 1-4z

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