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OEM After-Sales Service

For an OEM supplier a close relationship providing in-depth application and installation pre and post sale is extremely important to customers. There may be ongoing production, future projects, or unforeseen challenges that need to be managed. These are all part of on-going relationships that are built on trust and usually continue for many years.

Working every step of the way with customers to ensure optimized solutions is the answer to consistent precision positioning. At piezosystem jena the entire organization is a team organized to support each other, and deliver the highest quality components to clients. We understand and work to ensure that we continue to service our clients even after the production ends – closely and discreetly.

As a trusted supplier, piezosystem jena has been delivering OEM components to clients for 25+ years

About 80 percent of production at piezosystem jena is supplying industry customers with positioning solutions on a large scale. Almost all these solutions are highly customized or even developed and built from scratch. piezosystem jena works side-by-side with customers to develop and support precision solutions.

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