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Functions of a high-power piezo shaker

14. Piezo Shakers

High-powered piezo shakers are powerful piezoelectric actuators capable of delivering forces up to 7.5kN at frequencies over 50kHz. These energy dense, compact system are built using individual, pre-sintered ceramics assembled into stacks via a proprietary adhesive. These are then integrated within an encasement with a specialized preload, allowing the system to provide high frequencies and forces without damaging the ceramic.

When these shock-actuators are paired with highly specialized high-powered shaker controller, they are capable of driving these piezo systems up to 70 kHz. This combination creates a unique system that can provide powerful, high frequency actuation in a very compact and efficient design. This enables high force vibrational capabilities previously impossible to achieve with large electromagnetic systems or single frequency ultrasonic systems. This provides access to fully controllable high force, high frequency vibration actuators that are easily integrated into systems and lab spaces.

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