EVD 50

  • 20 bit resolution
  • Designed for low voltage piezo actuators
  • 50 mA continuous output current
  • Modulation input of 0 ...+10 V
  • ASI / ASC Functionality
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EVD 50 – Description

The EVD 50 is a digital amplifier designed for low voltage piezoelectric actuators as part of a d-Drive modular system. It is designed for 19″ rack mounting. The permanent output current is 50 mA.

Actuators with a high electrical capacitance can be driven very fast and with a short rise time. The closed loop-version of this amplifier with ASI-function (Automatic Sensor Identification) can be used with strain gauge or capacitive feedback sensors without additional modification. 

The DSP (digital signal processor) is 64 MHz, the sampling rate is 20 µsec, and the effective resolution is 20 bit.

The advantage of the free interchangability of calibrated digital actuators, makes the EVD 50 suitable for use in high accuracy positioning applications in the semiconductor industry, biological research, fiber alignment, metrology and many other applications.

As part of a d-Drive modular system, an EVD amplifier works with an EDS interface inside of a d-Drive modular case.

Technical Data

Part #E-720-100E-720-300
Output VoltageV-20 … +130-20 … +130
Output Current (Continuous)mA5050
Resolution (Oversampling)bit2020
Connector Modulation/MonitorSUB-D 9 pinSUB-D 9 pin

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