d-Drive EDS

  • Interface for d-Drive Modular Amplifier System
  • To be used with EVD Amplifiers
  • Fits into 19-inch 84TE casing
  • Integrated dimmable TFT display
  • USB/RS232 interface
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d-Drive EDS – Description

As part of the d-Drive system, the EDS interface module enables communication between the user and the piezo EVD amplifiers. The EDS module is always a part of the 19″ casing module with a wide power range supplies from 110 V up to 230 V. The width of the casing is 84TE.

The EDS 2 (part.no. E-751-000) comes with full color and dimmable TFT display. The cursor button allows navigation through the menus. By pressing the Enter button one can jump into the pertaining menu. In the input mask the value can be changed by applying the button. By pressing the turning knob the value is accepted. If you leave the menu without acknowledging it the old value is restored. The display shows status messages as well as recent values of the system.

For full control and adjustment of a d-Drive modular system, we recommend using a PC or laptop running the control program.

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