Piezo 1-Channel Controller Amplifier NV100 D

NV100/D Net

  • Ethernet connection for remote control
  • 100 mA peak current
  • Automatic Sensor Identification (ASI-function)
  • Automatic System Calibration (ASC-function)
  • 16 bit resolution
  • Voltage supply of several elements can be daisy-chained
  • Loop control with adjustable PID controller
  • Low-pass filter and slew rate limiter
  • USB interface
  • Aluminum casing
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NV100/D – Description

The NV100/D is a digital piezo controller with an ethernet interface for remote control and servicing of the piezo actuators. The user can drive quasi static or dynamic step positioning applications through the network access, allowing more flexibility and the use in critical environments. For the operation of the actuator a control voltage of -20 V to +130 V and a peak output current of 100 mA (2 x 40 mA NanoX®) are supplied. With a 16-bit resolution, the NV100/D NET guarantees high positioning accuracy and low noise.

Due to the stored information in the EEPROM, the actuator is automatically recognized. The NV100/D can be used with actuators equipped with either strain gauge or capacitive sensors, as well as with actuators without a measurement system. The NV100/D also supports actuators based on NanoX® bi-directional actuating technology.

The NV100/D NET has an automatic sensor identification (ASI) function and an automatic sensor calibration (ASC) function. All values of the actuating system, like serial number of the actuator, actuator name, control parameters and filter settings, are stored in the actuator plug. This allows an easy exchange of actuators or controllers. A digital PID controller is integrated into controller. The user can change the values according to his current setup himself.

Technical Data

Part #E-730-810
Output VoltageV-20 … +130
Output Current (constant)mA80 (2 x 40 in NanoX mode)
Voltage Noise (@500 Hz bandwidth)mVrms0.7
SensorExternal sensor, strain gauge, capacitive
Interface ModuleUSB 2.0, Ethernet RJ45

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