PSH 5/2

  • Highly dynamic tilting system
  • Tilting axes in perpendicular orientation
  • Tilting up to +/- 4 mrad optical
  • High resonant frequency due to high stiffness
  • Sub-µrad resolution
  • Microsecond rise time
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PSH 5/2 – Description

The PSH 5/2 mirror positioning system consists of 4 piezoelectric actuators – 2 stacks for each axis, controlled in conjunction with each other. These actuators provide tilt to the top plate on 2 rectangular axes. Their construction is temperature compensated so that changes in the surrounding temperature do not affect the tilting angle. The tilting positioning stage is designed for “plus-minus tilting”. Mirror mounts are preloaded, thus they are well suited for dynamic applications.

The high resonant frequency of the mirror positioning systems also allow for excellent dynamic operation. An integrated strain gauge measurement system is available for closed-loop applications.

Technical Data

Part #K-105-00K-105-01
AxesX, YX, Y
Max. Tilt Per Axis in Open-Loop (±10%)mrad±2
Max. Tilt Per Axis in Closed-Loop (±0.2%)mrad±2
Resolution in Open-Loop*µrad0.01
Resolution in Closed-Loop*µrad0.1
Dimensionsmm22 x 22 x 29.522 x 22 x 35
*The resolution is only limited by the noise of the power amplifier and metrology.

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