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30V300 – Description

The 30V300 piezo controller is especially made for controlling high precision, flexure guided piezo actuator stages used in highly dynamic nano-positioning tasks. One of the key features is the 300 mA permanent output current which enables the 30V300 piezo controller to drive piezo actuator elements with the highest frequency.

The 30V300 series is available in 3 different casing styles for highest flexibility in use. The robust metal casing is available in a table top version, as an industrial rack mount 19“ version, and in a screw-slot mounting version. These various options support flexibility in use and industrial compatibility.

The 30V300 piezo controller series displays a superior voltage noise of the output signal of only 0.3 mV. This guarantees the achievement of nearly unlimited positioning resolution of piezoelectric actuators, down to a single step resolution in the sub-nanometer range. The 30V300 CLE is equipped with an integrated sensor controller module which allows the highly dynamic control of piezoelectric elements equipped with an integrated feedback measurement system.

Technical Data

Part #E-460-013E-460-113
Output VoltageV-20 … 130-20 … 130
Output Current (continuous)mA300300
Voltage NoisemVrms< 0.3 at 500 Hz< 0.3 at 500 Hz
Sensor ControllerNoSG, CAP


30DV300 – Description

The 30DV300 was designed for universal use with a main supply voltage from 10 V to 30 V DC. The casing is available as a screw slot version or for use in a 19″ rack-mount casing.

The high performance of the 30DV300 with 20 bit resolution guarantees high-speed positioning with the highest accuracy available. It includes rise time optimization and active oscillation damping for each special application.

The 30DV300 comes with an auto-calibration routine and automatic sensor identification (ASI function). All values of the actuating system, like capacitance, measurement system, resonant frequency and motion, are automatically stored in the amplifier. Automatic amplifier optimization occurs after actuator identification.

A unique feature of the 30DV300 is that it can be used in combination with strain gauge or capacitive feedback sensors without additional modification. The DSP (digital signal processor) runs at 64 MHz. The sampling rate is 20 µsec.

Technical Data

UNIT30DV30030DV300 CAN
Part #E-754-400E-754-450
Output VoltageV-20 … +130-20 … +130
Permanent Output CurrentmA300 (2 x 150 mA for NanoX actuators)300 (2 x 150 mA for NanoX actuators)
Digital InterfacesRS 232RS 232, CAN

NV 200/D Net Compact Amplifier

NV 200/D Controller – Description

The new NV 200/D controller is built to deliver powerful high-resolution signals offering a wide variety of control options including ethernet and USB – C. With 400 mA of peak current, the system can provide high frequencies and fast response times, while still maintaining 16 bit resolution and less than 0.7 mV of noise.

The NV 200/D comes with an integrated closed loop control, as well as Iterative Learning Control for closed loop precision at open loop speeds.

PiSoWorks – NV 200/D Net Controller Software

For precise control of the NV 200/D controller, the included PiSoWorks software gives the user complete control over both the actuator and controller for a complete solution.

PiSoWorks software is available immediately for download and set-up is easy. Once the NV 200/D NET amplifier is connected to your computer and your actuator, the system is ready for use.

When the software is first downloaded, set-up and connected via ethernet, it will automatically identify and display the connected amplifier and actuator.

Device Select Screen

The PiSoWorks software features a comprehensive graphical user interface that allows for control of your actuator in two optional modes – Easy Mode and Advanced.

Easy Mode examples:

  • Switch between open loop and closed loop control.
  • Set piezo actuator to a specified location.
  • View graphically the realized motion of the actuator after the actuator has jumped to the specified location.

Advanced Mode examples:

  • Manually adjust PID values for closed loop control.
  • Control piezo actuator dynamically by manually setting the internal signal generator.
  • Upload custom wave forms to control the piezo according to individual needs.
  • Determine resonance spectrum of the piezo (with added load) at the push of a button.
  • View graphically the realized motion of the actuator after the piezo responds to the desired wave form.
Resonance Spectrum
Waveform Movement

One special Advanced Mode function is ILC (Iterative Learning Control). ILC functionality uses a proprietary algorithm to generate higher closed-loop speeds compared to regular PID control. The ILC learns the actuator’s unique behavior and then compensates for unwanted motion that would normally slow a typical closed-loop system. ILC is especially useful for users who need to achieve precise repetitive actuator motion.

ILC Advanced Mode – Decreasing of the waveform deviation

Using PiSoWorks software, simplifies system set-up, and gives the user precise comprehensive control of the NV 200/D and the connected actuator. The software and user manual can be downloaded here.

1) Overview
2) Device Over Ethernet
3) Easy Mode
4) Advanced Mode – Control Panel
5) Advanced Mode – Predefined Wave Types
6) Advanced Mode – Designing Wave Types
7) Advanced Mode – setst Functionality
8) Advanced Mode – ILC (Iterative Learning Control) Functionality

Technical Data

Part #E-730-820
Output VoltageV-20…130 or -10…180+ (Automatically adapts to actuator)
Output CurrentmA200 / 400 Peak
Voltage Noise (@500 Hz bandwidth)mVrms0.7
SensorExternal sensor, strain gauge, capacitance
Interface ModuleUSB-C, Ethernet, SPI (D-Sub 15 pol. HD, Analog modulation / Monitor (D-Sub 15 pol. HD)