• 1-channel low noise piezo controller
  • Main supply voltage of 10 ... 30 V DC
  • 300 mA permanent output current
  • Robust metal casing
  • Small dimensions
  • CLE version for all closed-loop systems
  • Casing design changeable between 19-inch screw-slot and stand-alone version
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30V300 – Description

The 30V300 piezo controller is especially made for controlling high precision, flexure guided piezo actuator stages used in highly dynamic nano-positioning tasks. One of the key features is the 300 mA permanent output current which enables the 30V300 piezo controller to drive piezo actuator elements with the highest frequency.

The 30V300 series is available in 3 different casing styles for highest flexibility in use. The robust metal casing is available in a table top version, as an industrial rack mount 19“ version, and in a screw-slot mounting version. These various options support flexibility in use and industrial compatibility.

The 30V300 piezo controller series displays a superior voltage noise of the output signal of only 0.3 mV. This guarantees the achievement of nearly unlimited positioning resolution of piezoelectric actuators, down to a single step resolution in the sub-nanometer range. The 30V300 CLE is equipped with an integrated sensor controller module which allows the highly dynamic control of piezoelectric elements equipped with an integrated feedback measurement system.

Technical Data

Part #E-460-013E-460-113
Output VoltageV-20 … 130-20 … 130
Output Current (continuous)mA300300
Voltage NoisemVrms< 0.3 at 500 Hz< 0.3 at 500 Hz
Sensor ControllerNoSG, CAP

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