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Many applications in microscopy, automation and mechatronics use piezo mechanical motion and positioning solutions. The inverse piezoelectric effect is the main principle of piezo actuation.

piezosystem jena is offering innovative and highly precise positioning solutions to customers all over the world. Our piezo actuators and piezo drives, nano positioning solutions, piezo controller, fiber switches and motion control systems are used in micro- and nano positioning applications whenever highest precision and high dynamics are needed. In addition to a broad range of catalogue products, also customer specific developments are offered to provide optimized systems for certain applications.

The right choice for a customer application depends on several specific parameters:

• additional load

• blocking force

• stroke

• resonance frequency / dynamics

• precision and step with

• preload

Piezoelectric actuators achieve precise positioning within microseconds and can develop forces up to several thousand Newtons. piezosystem jena is offering advice in the field of piezo actuators with regard to possible applications in the low-voltage and high-voltage range.

Piezoelectric Elements - Key Features:

Sub-nanometer precision in positioning

Extreme reliability due to their material properties and design

The piezo actuators develop forces of up to several thousand Newtons

Precise positioning in the range of microseconds

Piezo actuators can realize very high dynamics

The fields of application for our products:

• Automation technology

Automotive Industry

Electrical industry

Semiconductor industry


Laser technology

Medical engineering

Mechanical engineering

Materials research


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Consult our Engineers

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