Series RA

  • Motion up to 50 µm open-loop, 40 µm closed-loop
  • Free inside diameter of 9 mm or 14 mm
  • Sub nm resolution
  • Blocking force up to 4000 N
  • µsec response time
  • Flexible epoxy insulation
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Series RA – Description

Series RA ring actuators consist of a large number of contacted ceramic discs. Compared with a tube actuator, the ring actuator reaches a higher stiffness and the expansion is twice as high.

Series RA piezo actuators are encased, and also include a mechanical pre-load so they can be used in dynamic applications.

Series RA actuators are available for open-loop systems, and closed-loop (strain gauge) systems.

Please ask for a screwing top plate for easy mounting of mirrors.

Technical Data

(See Datasheet PDFs below this chart for the complete list of product variations)

4 Example ProductsUNITRA 12/24RA 50/35RA 12/24SGRA 50/35SG
Part #P-401-10P-406-10P-401-11P-406-11
Motion Open-Loop (±10%)*μm1250
Motion Closed-Loop (±0.2%)μm1040
Capacitance (±20%)**μF2.9242.924
Resolution Open-Loop***nm0.030.1
Resolution Closed-Loopnm0.52.0
Dimensions – Lengthmm36.570.536.570.5
Outer Diametermm24352435
*Typical value measured with an NV 40/1 CLE amplifier. **Typical value for small electrical field strength. ***The resolution is only limited by the noise of the power amplifier.

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