Piezo Actuator with Long Stroke

Series PAHS

  • >4x stroke with only 20% more length
  • Similar repeatability as a standard actuator
  • Works with existing controllers
  • Easy plug & play solution for small spaces
  • Pre-loaded for use in dynamic applications
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Series PAHS – Description

The new PAHS piezo actuators achieve higher motion than a conventional actuator of similar length. With more than four times higher travel they are a perfect solution when space is limited but high resolution requirements exist.

PAHS actuators operate with the same voltage band of 150V and can therefore be easily integrated into existing systems using the same controllers.

Like PAHL piezo actuators, PAHS actuators have high blocking forces and can move large masses. Due to the integrated mechanical pre-load, they can work under tensile forces and in dynamic applications. They also have high resonant frequencies guaranteeing fast settling times.

Technical Data

(See Datasheet PDF below this chart for the complete list of product specifications)

Part #P-181-00P-186-00
Motion @ -20…130V*μm40240
Capacitance **μF3.521
Resolution OL***nm0.090.54
Dimensions – Lengthmm4691
*Typical value measured with 0.3mV controller. **Typical value for a small electrical field strength. ***Typical values, measured at -20V…+130V.

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