Water Humidity Sealed Piezo Actuator

Series P/S

  • Hermetically insulated stack actuators
  • For aggressive and humid environments (up to IP68)
  • Integrated mechanical pre-load
  • Very small and compact design
  • Motion up to 70 µm
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Series P/S Description

P/S piezo actuators have a hermetically sealed housing that allows for use in aggressive and humid environments. The construction of the housing tightly encloses the stack, also reducing mechanical play.

The M3 thread in the bottom plate allows for easy adaptation in existing systems and guarantees exact positioning.

Depending on the model, these piezo actuators offer motion from 18 µm up to 70 µm.

Technical Data

(See Datasheet PDFs below this chart for the complete list of product variations)

3 Example ProductsUNITP18/S08P50/S13P7/S22
Part #P-752-30P-755-00P-757-50
Motion (±10%)*μm185070
Capacitance (±20%)**μF0.54.521.6
Dimensions – Lengthmm307190.5
*Typical value measured with an NV40/3 amplifier. **Typical value for small electrical field strength. ***The resolution is only limited by the noise of the power amplifier.

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