nanoX 200

  • 240 µm range of motion
  • High dynamic performance
  • Excellent guidance accuracy
  • 0.4 nm resolution
  • Ø 3 mm central aperture
  • Vacuum and cryogenic versions available
  • Body material variations of invar, superinvar, aluminum or titanium available
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nanoX 200 – Description

The high load piezo positioner nanoX®200 is a ultra fast and high load capability nanoX® stage. It provides a positioning and scanning range of up to 240 micrometers. The centrally located free aperture allows laser optical applications. This is also possible, when stacking them in an XY configuration.

Due to FEA-optimization, the nanoX®200 provides high dynamical performance and excellent guiding accuracy. This is accomplished even with high mass loads in a very compact stage. The nanoX® series is made for nano-positioning tasks in the field of semiconductor, laser & optics and test & measurement.

Our piezo stage optimization also incorporates excellent temperature compensation properties for the trajectory of the nanopositioning stage. The sophisticated monolithic guidance design of the solid flexure hinges means the trajectory is free of mechanical play and friction – a feature of all piezosystem piezo stages and nanopositioners.

Please note: Based on solid-state phenomena, piezo actuators and piezo ceramics generate pressure forces to affect the leverage geared motion. The PZT ceramic’s extension is nearly linear to the applied electric field, but hysteresis and creep still exist. Piezo electrical geared stages and positioners are neither affected by nor produce magnetic fields. In cryogenic environments piezo actuators function down to almost zero Kelvin. This low temperature is associated with linear decreasing extension behavior. In vacuum conditions, piezo actuators and PZT ceramics can be used at pressures below 10 Pa.

Because of the greatly reduced dielectric breakdown strength of air, they should not be operated in pressures ranging from 10 Pa up to 10 kPa. To avoid creep and hysteresis, the piezo nano-positioner nanoX® 200SG / 200CAP is equipped with a high resolution measurement sensor.
In combination with the piezo controller, high stability, linearity, repeatability and accuracy are achieved during closed-loop operation. 

The compact piezo stage design and the raster pin and drill holes for mounting allow an easy integration of the nano-positioning stages nano®X into your existing assembly. Vacuum and cryogenic versions are available on demand, as well as body material variations of invar, superinvar, aluminum, or titanium.

Technical Data

UNITnanoX 200nanoX 200 SGnanoX 200 CAP
Part #T-106-20T-106-21T-106-26
Motion in Open-Loop (±10%)*μm240240240
Motion in Closed-Loop (±0,2%)*μm200200
Resolution Open-Loop**nm0.40.40.4
Resolution Closed-Loop**nm41
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm52 x 52 x 2252 x 70 x 2252 x 70 x 22
*Typical value measured with 30V300 nanoX amplifier. **The resolution is only limited by the noise of the power amplifier and metrology.

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