• Stand-alone operation with a joystick control
  • USB 2.0 interfaces for PCs and joysticks
  • Display with position feedback
  • Access to menu via PC interface and rotary encoder
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LC3 Piezo Controller – Description

The LC3 controller is designed for the operation of nanomotion piezo motors with two operating modes – quasi-static or dynamic positioning applications. The LC3 can be equipped for up to 3 axes and an encoder integrated in the connected stage guarantees high positioning accuracy. 

The piezo motors can be controlled via PC or joystick over the USB 2.0 interfaces. The parameters of the connected XY stage are automatically read and imported by the LC3 via ASI (Automatic Sensor Identification). This makes it easy to replace both, the controller or the nanopositioning stage system.

Technical Data

Part #E-61000
Channels1, 2 or 3
Output VoltageVrms0 … 250
Input CurrentmA300
Interface ModulesUSB 2.0 HS, RS232 Baud 115200, CAN optional

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