Piezo Screw Drive Often For OEM


  • Motion of up to 80 µm
  • High precision adjustment of linear positioner
  • Motion without mechanical play
  • Precise adjustment of heavy loads
  • MICI 80 compatible with micrometer drives series SM13 from "Newport"
  • MICI 80 is compatible with micrometer drives 152-401, 152-402 and 197-101 from "Mitutoyo"
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MICI 80 – Description

The micrometer screw piezo drive MICI 80 is well suited for improving the positioning accuracy of linear stages.

The MICI 80 is a piezoelectrical actuator which, in combination with a micrometer screw is mounted onto a linear stage. Pre-adjustment is done by the measuring screw and the final fine adjustment is made by the MICI element. Typically the piezo driven system generates forces up to 216 N. The resolution is in the sub-nm range.

The major advantage of the micrometer screw piezo drive MICI is that it can be easily installed into an existing system to achieve sub-nm resolution. The travel range of the micrometer screw should be shorter than the travel range of the linear stage.

Technical Data

Part # S-702-00S-704-00
Motion in Open-Loop (±10%)*μm80180
Resolution Open-Loop**nm0.10.4
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm64 x 27 x 33.564 x 27 x 35.4
*Typical value measured with a NV 40/3 amplifier (closed-loop: NV 40/3 Controller) **The resolution is only limited by the noise of the power amplifier and metrology.

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