PZ 200

  • Motion up to 200 microns
  • Accurate parallel motion due to flexure guidance
  • Motion without mechanical play
  • Easily combined with other piezo electrical systems
  • High dynamic due to mechanical pre-load
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Due to solid state flexure and parallelogram construction, the PZ 200 nano-positioning stage can travel without any mechanical play in the X or Z axes, and provide a much higher resolution than is possible with mechanical or electromechanical systems.

This PZ piezo stage can be easily combined with XY-elements of the XYZ series or with tilting piezoelectric modules of the PSH series to allow positioning with all degrees of freedom. Additionally this Z-axis nano-positioning stage can run dynamically.

The PZ 200 can optionally be equipped with a measurement system (strain gauge or capacitive sensors) that compensates for hysteresis.

Technical Data

Part #S-626-00S-626-01
Motion in Open Loop (±10%)*μm200200
Motion in Closed Loop (±0,2%)*μm160
Resolution Open Loop**nm0.40.4
Resolution Closed Loop**nm4
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm50 x 16 x 1750 x 16 x 21
*Typical value measured with a NV 40/3 amplifier (closed loop: NV 40/3 CLE amplifier) **The resolution is only limited by the noise of the power amplifier and metrology.

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