PXY 38

  • Accurate parallel motion
  • Up to 38 µm motion range
  • Without mechanical play
  • Easily combined with other piezo electrical systems
  • Precision pin holes for accurate adjustment
  • High dynamic range
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PXY 38 – Description

The 2-axis PXY 38 was developed especially for optical scanning applications. It is optimized for a high resonant frequency and a high stiffness in all axes.

Originally designed for mounting optical lenses, this piezo XY positioner delivers fast and precise movement of mechanical parts. 

The internal pre-load and the design (without mechanical transmission) make this actuator well suited for high frequency applications – up to the kilohertz range.

Technical Data

Part #T-201-00T-201-01
AxisX, YX, Y
Motion in Open-Loop (±10%)*μm3838
Motion in Closed-Loop (±0,2%)*μm32
Resolution Open-Loop**nm0.070.07
Resolution Closed-Loop**nm0.7
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm25 x 25 x 1640 x 40 x 23
*Typical value measured with a NV 40/3 amplifier (closed-loop: NV 40/3 CLE amplifier). **The resolution is only limited by the noise of the power amplifier and metrology.

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