• Compact design
  • Orthogonal tilting axes
  • Available for 1/2-inch and 1-inch mirrors
  • High resonant frequency due to high stiffness
  • Adaptable to vacuum conditions
  • Piezo driven fine adjustment range 1 mrad
  • Large manual off-setting angle of ±2˚
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PKS 1 – Description

The PKS 1 tilting mirror system was developed for fast, fine mirror adjustment.  It can be used with ½-inch and 1-inch mirrors. For laser beam stabilization the PKS 1 can be integrated into the beam line easily. The compact design and high stiffness are a perfect match for dynamic applications. Laser beam steering can be realized in nearly real time.

The piezo-driven range of fine adjustment of 1 mrad can be offset in a range of ±2° by using the fine-thread thumb screws. The controlling voltage range is -20 V to 130 V, and the resolution accuracy is dependent upon the noise level of the applied control signal.

Cable configuration can be changed for OEM applications upon request. The series PKS is adaptable to vacuum conditions.

Technical Data

UNITPKS 1, 1/2″ MirrorPKS 1, 1″ Mirror
Part #K-700-00K-701-00
AxesX, YX, Y
Tilting Range Open-Loop (±10%)mrad11
Resolution Open-Loop*µrad0.0020.002
Dimensionsmm48 x 31 x 3652.5 x 52.5 x 36
Weightg84 without mirror140 without mirror
*The resolution is only limited by the noise of the control signal.

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