nano USB Piezo Actuator Controller Amplifier

nano box USB

  • Single-channel piezo controller
  • Small size
  • 10 mA permanent output current
  • Strain gauge sensor controller
  • Low-noise output signal
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • 16 bit resolution
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nano box USB – Description

The nano box USB is a stand alone piezo amplifier with 16 bit D/A resolution. The small and powerful amplifier comes with a USB 2.0 interface and a list of useful controls. No additional manual or analog inputs are necessary. The simple connection from USB to a PC enables fast implementation of high-precision positioning tasks for the workplace.

The nano box USB is designed to control piezoelectrical actuators in static and low dynamic applications. The low noise level of the output signal of only 3 mV allows extremely precise control of high-resolution actuators over the entire range of motion. A unique feature is the integrated closed-loop controller for piezoelectrical actuators with strain gauge sensors. The nano box USB can be used in combination with piezoelectric actuators which have the suffix “D” on their part number.

The amplifier nano box USB is fully enclosed in a metallic housing. An wide-range power supply module (90 V up to 264 V) is included. The control interface is made for USB 2.0. The digital interfaces have a 16bit resolution. A set of commands and LabView drivers are included.

Technical Data

UNITnano box USB
Part #E-320-00
Output VoltageV0 … 130
Output Current (continuous)mA10
Voltage NoisemVrms< 3 at 500 Hz
SensorStrain Gauge
Interface ModuleUSB 2.0

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