hpower Rings

  • High-power high-force actuators to loads of 35,000 N
  • Open aperture
  • Motion to 130 µm
  • Good heat dissipation
  • High bending stability
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hpower Ring Actuators – Description

Ring type actuators are based on an open-center cylindrical design. Compared with stack type actuators, ring actuators have a higher bending stability, better heat management efficiency and allow access to the system’s axis. Given the same volume of PZT material, a ring actuator has a larger total diameter, which results in an increase in stability against bending and buckling forces applied to the actuator. Their overall larger surface also removes heat quicker from the system, which allows them to run at much higher frequencies than stack type actuators without overheating. The hpower ring series is offered with or without preload, and with or without optional casing.

Our ring actuators can achieve a motion range of up to 130µm, while generating maximum forces of up to 35kN.

The hpower rings can be customized with low temperature modification, thermostability and cooling options and even an axial cable exit, giving you more freedom and flexibility with your application design.

Technical Data

(See Datasheet PDFs below this chart for the complete list of product variations)

4 Example ProductsUNITHPSt 1000/10-5/07HPSt 1000/25-15/100HPSt 1000/10-5/7 VS18HPSt 1000/35-25/100 VS45
Resonant FrequencykHz50103510
Dimensions – Lmm99024107
Outer Diametermm13401845

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