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hpower Shock

hpower Shock – Description

Mechanical impacting is involved in many technical process such as demolition of concrete by chiseling, structure borne sound analysis, impact-echo analysis of extended structures, characterization of material properties at high strain rates, and indentation hardness tests.

To generate an impact a hard-mass body is accelerated during a starting phase (e.g. a hammer head) and collides with a hard counterpart (e.g. chisel) within μs.

The starting and contact phases of an impact scenario are difficult to be exactly reproduced. Common setups of precision impact measurement do not allow high repetition rates. Another challenge is the precise timing of the impact. Meanwhile composite materials require more and more accurate testing methods. hpower shock generators follow a different approach. Our piezo technology uses an adaptive impact generation principle, where impact parameters and timing are controlled by electrical driving conditions. Thus – hpower shock piezo actuators have advantages over traditional solutions.

Technical Data

UNITPIA 1000/16/150PIA 1000/35/80
Blocking ForcekN835
Resonant FrequencykHz721
Dimensions – Lmm193162

hpower Shake

hpower Shake – Description

Speed and power are a potent combination that is often hard to achieve simultaneously. In most cases, one needs to be sacrificed to achieve the other. To achieve both, traditional solutions need to combine different technologies, such as hydraulics and mechanical drives that takes up space and comes at great expense.

With our PiSha shaker series, we take our energy dense, high powered systems and compact them further into stiff, superbly dynamic systems. Hpower shakers deliver speeds up to 100kHz, while maintaining force capabilities up to 10kN, all under 100mm in length. These systems all preloaded and encased to allow for top performance in highly dynamic running conditions. These piezo actuators are often used in for applications such as HALT (Highly Accelerated Lifecyle Testing) for small electronic components such as MEMS, and other forms of materials testing.

hpower shake piezo actuators can work very fast. They have the capability to generate high force modulations and can move high masses. To achieve the best results and best technical parameters hpower shake actuators have to be optimized for every application. There are no off-the-shelf (standard) actuators for these high-end technical solutions.

Technical Data

(See Datasheet PDFs below this chart for the complete list of product variations)

4 Example ProductsUNITPiSha 150/35/1PiSha 150/16/3PiSha150/35/80PiSha 1000/10/25
Blocking ForceN5000180075004000
Resonant FrequencykHz40302330
Dimensions – Lmm33359642