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ENT 40, 150, 400

ENT 40, 150, 400 – Description

ENT modules supply the main voltages for the ENV amplifier modules. Together the ENT and ENV modules create an entire modular system when combined with the system housing. Depending on the application, several amplifier modules can be combined with one ENT power supply module in a single casing, but each system needs at least one ENT module.

Technical Data

UNITENT 40 230VENT 40 115VENT 150 230VENT 150 115VENT 400 230VENT 400 115V
Main VoltageV230115230115230115
Output PowerW25255050100100
Module Width14 HP14 HP14 HP14 HP18 HP18 HP

ENV 40, 300, 800

ENV 40, 300, 800 – Description

The ENV controller system is a modular configuration within a 19-inch housing, that is designed to work with a ENT series power supply. For each application you can combine one or more amplifier modules with different characteristics. A completed system is tailor-made for the application.

Each amplifier module has it’s own display showing output voltage. If used with a measurement system and closed loop module, it displays the calibrated motion. Different modules for closed loop and PC connections are available. The front of each amplifier module includes the input and output connections, the display, and the potentiometer for manual control.

Technical Data

Output VoltageV-10 … 150-20 … 130-20 … 130
Output Current (permanent)mA40300800
Signal Noise RatiomV0.3 @ 500 Hz0.3 @ 500 Hz0.3 @ 500 Hz