SCANIUS-LINE from piezosystem jena

  • Cost-effective all in one solution for probe positioning 
  • Long travel meets precision: travel range of 150 mm, smallest step 100 nm
  • High speed in both axes of up to 160 mm/s
  • Usability focused: Joystick or digital controlled

Analyzing a larger object in greater detail, has traditionally been a challenge. Either position systems have been highly accurate within a small range or fast for larger motions. Therefore, users had to make a compromise between one or the other form of motion or they had to develop their own setup by combining different technologies. For many uses this meant using two different systems and high development costs.

This challenge can now be easily solved with the new XY stage solution from the SCANIUS-LINE. Here we combine our expertise in the field of nano-positioning with longer travel of up to 150 mm capabilities. The system is completely piezo driven, therefore transmitting the motion directly and without friction, avoiding unwanted vibrations at high velocity. Furthermore, the system doesn’t generate any magnetic field and therefore doesn’t risk to cause any unwanted interaction.

Especially for this system, we have developed the LC3 controller, designed to run dual mode standing wave piezo-motors in quasi-static or dynamic positioning applications. The piezo-motors can be controlled via PC or Joystick using the integrated USB 2.0 interfaces. Typical for piezo controllers offered by piezosystem jena, allow actuators with D-Sub plugs to be easily connected. 

Piezo-motors will be automatically recognized by the LC3 due to the information which is stored inside the motor’s connectors (ASI - Automatic Sensor Identification).

Contact us now for more information. Product demonstrations available on request.

Characteristics Characteristics:

  Travel range to 150 mm x 70 mm (other on request)
  High-precision scanning, smallest step 100 nm
   Large aperture for light transmission
   Large aperture for sample holder / slide
  Speed in both axes up to 160 mm/s
  Load capacity up to 3 kg
  No magnetic field generation

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Characteristics Controller LC3 Series Characteristics:

  Three axis linear controller
  High Resolution: varies on encoder e.g. 40 nm 
  USB 2.0 interfaces for PC and Joystick

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