piezosystem jena

Leading Specialist for Precise and Fast Motion

piezosystem jena develops and produces positioning systems for applications that demand high precise motions.

The company provides solutions for:

  • Scanning
  • Positioning
  • Vibration excitation and vibration control

Product development: Design, production and assembly are located at piezosystem jena’s headquarters in Germany.
From here we serve customers all over the world for more than 25 years with technical advice and support.
Our U.S.-subsidiary in Massachusetts provides service and laboratory capabilities for the North American market.

piezosystem jena works together with an experienced network of partners and representatives in more than 25 countries worldwide.

Applications – Typical applications include:


Modern electronic chips are based on structures down to the nm scale.
For the production, quality control and precise measurements in the
semiconductor industry, piezoelectric stages provide:

  • Precise positioning of wavers with ?m and nm accuracy
  • Scanning systems for fast semiconductor investigations
  • Wafer holder and wafer adjustment devices
3-axes positioner - ?TRITOR

3-axes positioner - ?TRITOR


Modern tasks in microscopy require higher imaging resolutions and
scanning systems for 3D imaging. New special optical methods (like STED,
TIRF, CARS, DIC) were developed to get more and more detailed information
in the field of biology as well as other applications.

  • Auto focus applications
  • Systems for confocal microscopes and 3D imaging
  • Positioning systems for modern investigation methods like STED; TIRF; DIC ... ; 2 Photon Microscopy
  • Positioning systems that can be integrated to almost all major
Microscope objective positioner - MIPOS 100 SG with objective

Microscope objective positioner - MIPOS 100 SG with objective

Optics, Laser technology

Lasers are used in almost all areas of our life. Complicated lasers and
optical systems require very fine adjustments and stable positions of
their components. Piezoelectric stages are used for:

  • Adjustment of optical systems and lenses
  • Mirror adjustment, fast tilting and scanning
  • Interferometry
Mirror tilter - PSH 25

Mirror tilter - PSH 25


Inspection of surface structures on wafers or flat screens using different
optical methods require more and more precise motions. Demands
for faster cycle times for inspection tasks require lower response times.
Piezoelectric actuators and scanning stages from piezosystem jena can
guarantee to fill these needs, they are used in:

  • AFM, Atomic Force Microscopy
  • Fast scannings
  • Material research
2-Dimensional stages PXY 80 D12

2-Dimensional stages PXY 80 D12

Vacuum Applications, non-magnetic components and low temperature applications

Piezoelectric stages work well under vacuum, at low temperatures and
can be manufactured as non-magnetic versions. They are used in:

  • Precise adjustment in vacuum and ultra-high vacuum
  • Systems working at low temperatures

Vacuum system – TRITOR 38 Vacuum

High Power Applications – Piezocomposite Actuators

Piezocomposite actuators from piezosystem jena can achieve very short
pulses and superior high forces up to tens of kN. They are used for:

  • Vibration damping and isolation
  • Material research (generating shock waves with high accelerations)
  • Fatigue testing (high frequency vibrations over long time period)
  • Geology

Impact generator with 1 meter length

Customized Systems

piezosystem jena has a long tradition in developing customized
systems with the best technical parameters.

New powerful amplifiers, including fast analog and digital closed loop
control provide excellent solutions for special customer needs. Due to
our flexibility and technical organization we can guarantee the best
relation of price and performance.

Cylinder scanner with integrated OEM nanopositioner nanoX 240 SG

Fiber Switches, Optical Multiplexer

Applications for optical switches are in spectroscopy and in quality control of production lines.

Fiber switches from piezosystem jena are developed to switch light in optical multimode fibers between different channels. Switches with up to 18 channels are available. Because we use direct switching without optical elements in the light path, the spectral range is not changed by the switch. Based on the use of piezoelectric drives a fast switching time in the milliseconds range can be achieved.

Fiberswitch 1x4

Industry Applications and Research

OEM stages are perfectly fitted for various industry applications. The “Pure Edge 240 Collimator” is an example for a synchrotron application. This system provides different size beam-squares very precisely within a few milliseconds. The device is based on 2 orthogonally oriented piezo slits “PZS 4 SG”.

  • Synchrotron Applications
  • Adjustment in Optical Labs

Pure Edge 240 Collimator

Technology of Piezo Stages

Actuators for Fast Direct Movement

The technology is based on piezoelectric actuators. An electrical signal is applied to a piezo - ceramic actuator. Thereby the actuator then expands very precisely based on the piezoelectric effect.

The piezoelectric effect depends on different parameters, e.g. length of the ceramic and applied voltage. An actuator with a total ceramic length of 10 mm generates an expansion of about 10 - 15 ?m. Depending on the quality of the electronics, a motion with a resolution of less than 1 nm can be achieved.

Piezoelectric actuators can generate forces up to several kN and operate very fast with frequencies up to several kHz.

Expansion curve of a stack type actuator

Actuators with magnified motion based on solid state hinges

Some applications require a range of motion larger than 10 ?m or 100 ?m. Therefore piezosystem jena combines its piezo-ceramic actuators with a special construction of solid state hinges to magnify the range of motion.

These piezoelectric stages can:

  • Generate motions up to 2 mm
  • Realize sub nm resolutions
  • Work extremely fast (scanning, vibrations, pulses, up to 60 kHz)
  • Operate under vacuum conditions and at low temperatures

Parallelogram design of a piezo stage

Piezocomposite Actuators

Piezocomposite actuators can generate pulses with accelerations of up to 10.000 g, high dynamic vibrations with frequencies of more than 100 kHz and forces of several tens of kN.

To achieve these performance characteristics, several layers of ceramic plates are stacked and combined. Different ceramic materials and housing cases can be combined to achieve better dynamic parameters compared to conventional multilayer piezo-technology.

Ring type actuators allow high dynamics due to an effective cooling throughout the actuator. They are often used in laser applications due to their center aperture.

Piezocomposite actuators – housed ring actuators and piezo shaker

Why should you choose piezosystem jena?

  • Our products are used by customers for more than 25 years and have proven reliability record.
  • The technically advanced combination of piezoelectric stacks with solid state constructions to achieves the best technical parameters.
  • Long-term experienced in the development of customized systems (high frequency, high repeatability, low noise, vacuum applications …).
  • Experience and reliability in the development of products for OEM customers, including certification and quality control.
  • Worldwide representation and service engineers.

piezosystem jena stands for:

  • TRITOR® technology™
  • nanoX® technology
  • nanoSX technology
  • dDrive® technology, analog and digital amplifiers
  • Best price / perfomance ratio

Customized solutions

For over 25 years and with a variety of stage / drive combinations, piezosystem jena has already realized many specific customer solutions. We will be happy to help you find a solution for your application. For more information please visit: www.piezosystem.com

How to contact us:

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