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For more than 30 years piezosystem jena has engineered and manufactured piezo nano-positioning and metrology solutions for the semiconductor, aerospace, microscopy and photonics communities. With an extensive knowledge and in-depth technical expertise in applications requiring piezo technology, piezosystem jena can be your partner in the design and implementation of piezo-mechanical solutions.

Our strength comes from our commitment to offer unique proven solutions, professional consultation and complete customer satisfaction. We plan that the partnerships we form with our clients are long-lasting. Our knowledge in piezo technology comes from our research, and our daily interactions as piezoelectric consultants.

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Piezo Applications: Semiconductor Manufacturing, Photonics, Aerospace, Microscopy, OEM

Primary Product Categories

1-5 Axis Piezo Stages

Models Available

MIPOS Objective Positioners

Models Available

Tip-Tilt Stages

2-Axis Models

Optical Fiber Switches

Models Available
NV200D Digital Piezo Actuator

Piezo Controllers

100-200 mA Models

Ring & Stack Actuators

Models Available

Optical Fiber Grippers

Models Available

hpower Shaker Actuators

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