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d-Drive pro

d-Drive pro Controller – Description

The d-Drive pro digital controller has a compatible instruction set to that of the existing d-Drive series. Like the d-Drive series, the d-Drive pro can be controlled via PC. The controller also can act as a freely programmable frequency generator, and you can adjust slew-rate, and notch and low pass filters.

The d-Drive pro allows for the easy exchange of actuators in the field through Automatic Sensor Identification (ASI) and Automatic Sensor Calibration (ASC). The new integrated Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) offers users high flexibility. Controller highlights include 24 bit resolution and simultaneous control of up to 3 axes. The controller interfaces available are RS232, USB and Ethernet as well as offering an analog modulation input and monitor output. The output current of a single axis is adjustable up to 300 mA.

Technical Data

UNITd-Drive pro
Part #E-760-000
Channels3 simultaneous (6 power amplifiers)
Output VoltageV-20 … 130 per channel
Interface ModulesRS 232; USB, Ethernet, optional: CAN, RS485, RS422