Piezo applications for "microscopy"

Here you can find the piezo applications and recommended systems for "microscopy". Sample positioning, scanning AFM, RAMAN, SNOM, E-Beam, Micro lens/ micro objective positioning are applications in this field.

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Nanolife AFM System based on Piezosystem Scanners

The company Nanotec Eléctronica S.L. from Spain has developed an innovative concept for the AFM microscopy. By using this platform, conventional optical microscopes (fluorescence microscopes, up-side down) or Raman microscopes can produce simultaneously an AFM image in addition to the optical images. These generated images can be viewed at the same time. In order to meet the high speed and resolution requirements, the SPM system "Nanolife“ contains piezoelectric elements (PXY 80 D12) of piezosystem jena.

The following pictures were generated by Dr. Elena López-Elvira by using the innovative AFM platform in the ICMM-CSIC (Madrid, Spain).

More information can be requested from Nanotec Eléctronica (www.nanotec.es).

Eduardo Delgado
mail: sales(at)nanotec.es
phone: +34918043326


AFM Images of Fibroblast in air

Topography AFM images of 60x60µm and Z scale 1.8µm

Non-contact mode
Contact mode

AFM Images of P3OT polymer in air (non-contact Mode)

Topography AFM (left) and Frequency Shift (right) images of 3.75x3.75 µm and Z scale 32 nm

AFM Images of DNA in buffer (non-contact mode)

Amplitude Modulation –Dynamic Scanning Force Microscopy (+ PLL)

Topography AFM (left) and Frequency Shift (right) images of 1x1 µm and Z scale 3nm

Frequency Modulation –Dynamic Scanning Force Modulation

Topography AFM (left) and Dissipation (right) images of 1x1µm and Z scale 3nm

Optical and AFM images of single cells in buffer (non-contact mode)

AFM Topography (right) image of  35x35µm and Z scale 360nm

Products for Microscopy Application

MIPOS Objektiv-Positionierer in Kombination mit Zeiss Mikroskop

New super-resolution techniques, such as stimulated emission depletion microscopy, photo-activated localization microscopy and stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy, have reduced resolution from 100 – 200 nm down to 2.4 nm. Piezo positioning stages are perfectly suitable for these and higher resolutions.

The alignment of microscopes and sample holders demands precise, rapid movements. Based on the piezoelectric effect, products by piezosystem jena offer unique technical characteristics, compared to other solutions on the market.

They are characterized by almost unlimited refinement of motion, while avoiding any sort of mechanical play. Thus, they are completely resistant to internal friction. Piezo positioning stages’ high stiffness results in very short response and settling times.

In combination with the flexure hinges design, piezoelectric actuators can generate high accuracy and high speed, perfect for sample adjustment, beam alignment and beam tracking.

piezosystem jena can rely on more than 20 years ofexperience in the research and development of piezoelectrical elements and translation stages for microscopy applications.

TRITOR 102 CAP designed for probe alignment

The TRITOR 102 CAP perfectly meets the requirements for probe alignment applications. The large central opening of 40mm allows the placement of the objective lens directly underneath the sample. Integrated closed loop feedback sensors guarantee long term high precision sample adjustment with nanometer accuracy.

  • 3D piezo based sample positioner
  • Free central hole (40 mm)
  • Sample positioning without mechanical play
  • Motion range up to 100µm
  • Lowest settling time for fastest scan behavior

Product Page TRITOR 102 CAP

PZ 300 AP – Z-axis microscope stage for confocal, fluorescence & laser scanning applications

The PZ 300 AP from piezosystem jena is an Z-axis elevator stage with a motion range of 300µm. The stage fits into microscope stage openings by the dimensions of 160x110mm. As a result this the stage fits to nearly all standard microscopes of the major brands. The PZ 300 is set up for the smooth integration into most of the popular commercial motorized stages (to install in upright and inverse microscopy assemblies).

  • Low profile piezoelectrical microscope Z-stage
  • Travel range of 300 microns
  • Typical working frequency 50Hz
  • Settling time in millisecond range
  • Inside frame supports standard multi-well size
  • Additional probe adapter available


 Product Page PZ 300 AP

Compatible microscope/ microscope stages:

Märzhäuser SCAN IM: Prior ProScan H117: Prior ProScan H101a:
Zeiss AxioVert 200    
Leica DMI 3000 – 5000 Leica DMI4000 / 5000 / 6000 Leica DM - range
Leica DMI 5000M Leica DMIRB Nikon Eclipse - range
Nikon Eclipse MA100 Nikon TE2000 / TI Olympus BX - range
Nikon Eclipse MA200 Olympus IX51 / 71 / 81 Olympus IX51 / 71 / 81
Olympus BX45 / BX51 / BX61 Zeiss AxioObserver Zeiss AxioImager
Olympus WI / GX51 / GX71 Zeiss AxioVert 200 Zeiss Axioplan
Olympus IX51 / IX71 / IX81   Zeiss AxioSkop
Zeiss AxioObserver    

MICI-KMI53 - Semprex Kit

The KMI53 is a result of the cooperation between piezosystem jena and Semprex. By combining the advantages of manual and automated positioning the microscope stage the KMI53 enables a highly flexible alignment. The digital Vernier Micrometer from Semprex provides a travel range of 25 mm. In addition the special piezo-driven micrometer holder MICI guarantees precise automated motion up to 200 µm. 

Equipment for piezosystem jena nano-positionig stages

Together with our partner Bioptechs, piezosystem jena has developed specially adapted tables for sample adjustment. This combination enables sample heading, thermal insulation and an effective CO2 control mechanism under the scope. Live cell microscopy is just one out of many applications, where these characteristic represent an exceptional advancement.

  • Plate, incubate, and observe without the need to transfer your cells
  • Ambient to 50°C temperature range
  • Perfusion available


Stable Z

  • Heat specimens in standard plasticware
  • For use on the microscope stage
  • Reduce Z-axis drift
  • Low-mass


Delta T Open Dish System

  • Live cell microscopy
  • Z-axis stable
  • Plate, incubate, and observe without the need to transfer your cells
  • Ambient to 50°C temperature range
  • Perfusion available


Ask us about other environmental control solutions such as:

  • CO2 control
  • objective cooling collars
  • objective thermal isolators
  • specimen cooling rings


piezosystem jena positioning stage can be equipped with sample holders and accessories from BIOPTECH®, PECON®, LABTEC®, TOKAI HIT®

Thermal Isolation for Objective Lenses

Demonstration Adapters for MIPOS Objective Positioner


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