Laserinterferometric Vibrometer - SP-S

Laserinterferometric Vibrometer - SP-S

Our laserinterferometric vibrometers are ideal instruments for accurate, non-contacting, determinations of temporal changes in the positions of objects or surfaces and detect mechanical vibrations at frequencies ranging from 0 to 5 MHz.

These instruments have been designed based on the proven concept of our SP-Series miniature plane-mirror interferometers. The sensor heads of the SP-Series interferometers are equipped with additional optics that are able to make measurements on surfaces having arbitrary roughnesses.
The complete system consists of a modularly designed electronics unit incorporating a laser, a compactly designed sensor head, and various interfaces.

Their fiber optic-coupled interferometer converts motion along their optical axes into interference fringes that are transmitted to their fast, high-resolution, demodulation electronics for processing.
Operation and display of results employ a PC running specialized data analysis software.

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