Miniature Retroreflector Interferometer - MI

Miniature Retroreflector Interferometer - MI

Our MI-Series miniature interferometers, equipped with triple-faceted retroreflectors, are precision length measurement instruments designed for incorporation into customer supplied systems, and are readily adapted to suit a wide variety of experimental setups and tasks. Their miniaturized sensor head and triple-faceted retroreflector allow their employment as permanently installed metrological systems.

Their fiber optic coupled sensor head both provides major benefits in many types of applications and makes overall metrological systems more versatile.

Their miniature interferometer converts motion of their triple-faceted retroreflector into optical interference signals that are transmitted to their optoelectronic signal processing/power supply unit for processing and output as lengths. Their He-Ne laser, which is frequency stabilized on models with large dynamic ranges, and correction of laser wavelengths to compensate for environmental effects form the basis for their high metric precision. The instruments themselves are free of linearity errors.

Instrument operation and display of measurement results may be via either a separate keypad/display unit or a PC running an optional software package.

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