Gauge Block Calibration System - EPP

Gauge Block Calibration System - EPP

The EPP-Series gauge-block calibration system for calibrating parallel-sided gauge blocks employs an LM 20 laser-interferometric gauging probe as its upper gauging probe.
It has a measuring range of 20 mm and a length resolution of 1 nm. Investigations conducted by the German national bureau of standards (PTB) yielded metric errors of less than 10 nm for this gauging probe when used for calibrating gauge blocks.

According to a PTB-recommendation, the total number of reference-standard gauge blocks required for calibrating a 122-piece set of gauge blocks may thus be reduced to fifteen.
A calibration procedure determines if there are system linearity errors (errors due to misalignments, angular misalignments of its gauging probe, and thermal effects) and corrects them.

The system is easy to operate from a PC running "Parallel Gauge Block Calibration" (PEKAL) signal processing and control software, which also corrects, processes, and outputs metrological data.

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