Precision Climate Measuring Stations

Precision Climate Measuring Stations LCS-01 and LCS-02

Temperature transducer TT-01
Temperature transducer TT-01
Climate measuring station LCS-01/LCS-02
Climate measuring station LCS-01/LCS-02
Sensor box SB-11/SB-12
Sensor box SB-11/SB-12
Temperature transmitter WT-01
Temperature transmitter WT-01

The climate measuring stations LCS-01 and LCS-02 are highly sophisticated systems to collect information about temperature, air pressure and air humidity. The devices acquire data with the highest precision and are ideally suited for application environments like measurement and calibration laboratories, monitoring and test setups as well as precision engineering, among many others. The LCS-01 and LCS-02 can be customized according to individual requirements.


LCS-01/LCS-02 overview:

  • Highly accurate Temperature, air pressure and humidity measurements
  • Variety of wired and wireless sensors available
  • Measuring probes calibrated digitally together with electronics
  • Optional calibration of all sensors with test certificate
  • LCS-01 with wireless signal, max. 19 temperature sensors (4 wired, 15 wireless; port extension for up to 15 wired connections available)
  • LCS-02 without wireless signal (only cable-connected sensors compatible)
  • Cable length adjustable according to customer requirements


Available sensor interfaces:

  • wireless temperature transmitter WT-01 for temperature measurements in materials or air (not compatible with LCS-02)
  • wire-connected temperature transducer TT-01 with an integrated air or material temperature sensor and
  • Sensor boxes SB-11 and 12 for collecting data about air pressure and air humidity (SB-11 air pressure, SB-12 pressure and humidity)



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