Piezocomposite in Mechanical Engineering and Production Engineering

Precision, performance, cost-efficiency – the requirements for mechanical drives in automated engineering processes are high. Conventional actuators often cannot fulfill these requirements: Either force generation is too low or they are too expensive for economical use. Compromise is the consequence many manufacturers have to make. That is a problem for companies in this industry, since requirements for their manufactured products constantly increase. 

The solution is Piezocomposite by piezosystem jena. Piezocomposite actuators are variable in use. Thanks to high force potential, high dynamics, short response times and precision, they are ideally suited for mechanical engineering application that require not only force and precision but also reliability in the long-term. Piezocomposite actuators make production and manufacturing processes more efficient.

The following examples illustrate the range of applications of Piezocomposite actuators in this field.

What are the specifications of Piezocomposite actuators?

  • Motion up to several hundred µm (resolution in nanometer range)
  • Forces up to 50 kN (custom versions with even more force potential available)
  • Frequencies up to kHz range
  • Response times in µs range

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Piezocomposite in mechanical engineering and production engineering

Piezocomposite actuators in mechanical engineering

Machine Tooling Applications

Piezocomposite actuators by piezosystem jena are used in machine tooling not only as precision drives but alos to activily dampen vibrations. Their ability to stagelessly scale frequency and amplitude are an enormously huge benefit in this area of application. Thanks to these specifications, quality tolerances can be improved.

  • Highly precise positioning of tools, e.g. CNC
  • Compensation of wear on tools
  • Highly dynamic tool positioning, e.g. fast tool servo
  • Vibration excitation of tools, e.g. vibration cutiing and vibration drilling
  • Active vibration damping

Forming Technology Applications

Since Piezocomposite actuators can carry heavy loads and generate high forces, they are successfully used in milling processes. The precision of the actuator motion increases production tolerances and the high frequency ranges allow for active control over the thickness of a certain material in use, without decreasing conveyer speed.

Joining Technology Applications

There are a lot of benefits of Piezocomposite actuators for joining processes in manufacturing. For instance, the actuator can allign materials and part highly precise. By using vibrations for one or more parts, the efficiency of the joining process can be increased. Here, stick-slip effects are minimized. Piezocomposite actuators can also generate very forceful and highly precise shocks, thrusts and strokes that are used to mold end positions with micrometer accuracy (micro hammering). The parameters of the generated forces can be adjusted in detail and the Piezocomposite system will keep them up steady and accurately. This is especially useful for adherence, bonding and gluing processes.

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