Valve Control and Fuel Injection Systems

Thanks to its short response times and high resonant frequencies, Piezocomposite actuators are ideally suited for the fast positioning tasks that are required in valve control applications. Several specifications of the actuators can be modifed here:


  • motion up to several hundred µm
  • resolution in the nm-regime
  • force generation upt o 50 kN
  • mechanical rise times <100 µs
  • repeat rates up to 1 kHz (Burst)

 The automotive industry adopted piezo technology early on. For years, piezo injectors in Common Rail Diesel engines are state of the art. Piezos have he unique characteristic of a very precise time behavior which is used to coordinate openening and closing of the valves. Aplications in larger mashines, e.g. ship engines benefit from the high force potential of Piezocomposite actuators. It is not only the opening and closing of valves which can be done here. Piezocomposite actuators achieve resolutions down to the nanometer. that characteristic can be harnessed to, e.g. adjust needle valves that regulate the flow of liquids or gases.  

Piezocomposite can also be used to monitor complex structures

Piezocomposite actuators can be used to monitor complex structures

Motion Control

Another field of application for Piezocomposite high force actuators is Motion Control. The term describes techniques to move mechanical components. For the main part, Motion Control aims to minimize vibrations of construction parts and structures. Today, more and more adaptive vibration damping applications use piezo actuators because of their unique physical properties. Thanks to their high usable frequency range and high force potential Piezocomposite actuators are ideal as  bearings, tigers or inertial mass stimulators to minimize frequencies over a wide range.

Use Under Extreme Conditions

Piezocomposite actuators work under many different environmental conditions. Temperatures up to 200°C as well as cryogenic setups are no problem for these actuators. The piezoelectric properties are stable under a wide range of temperatures. The same applies for UHV (Ultra High Vacuum) environments. The thermal resilience combined with the UHV compatability make Piezocomposite actuators also suitable for a variety of space applications, e.g. mirror or lens positioning and vibration damping, among many others.

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